I’m Building My First Product With Laravel

July 4, 2017

I’m officially building my first product with Laravel. The application allows users to build liability waivers, email them out to people, and get digital signatures.

It’s a product that will be useful for schools, churches, and, really, any organization that requires people to sign a waiver.

Up to this point I’ve been developing the app in private, but I figure talking about it publicly might add a little pressure to get it launched.

I’ve got the basic functionality completed. There are some style issues, but they aren’t vital to the app, so I’ve ignored them. The next steps are to setup a landing page up - in order to start marketing the app and building an email list - and create the subscription piece.

I’m not sure how I’m going to price the product, but I’ll probably model it after some other form builder services.

I really like what Adam Wathan has done by recording the process of building Kite Tail and uploading the videos to YouTube.

I’m a textbook introvert. Which means, naturally, I prefer writing over speaking. I’ll definitely continue to write about the process of building a saas app, and if I get the courage maybe I’ll do some screencasts as well.

We’ll see what happens.